LAIFENG LOGIN: on iOS without sns

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1. Tap on the “Register” option (boxed in green).


2. Find your country and enter your phone number. Tap “Next” (boxed in blue) to confirm the information when you are done.


3. Once you tap “Next,” a verification code is immediately sent to your phone. If it has already been a minute and you still didn’t receive the code, tap the message boxed in orange. Enter your verification code and your desired password*. Tap “Next” (boxed in blue) to continue.

*Note: your password must be 6-16 characters long and include a combination of letter[s] (lower and upper case), number[s], and symbol[s].


4. If you use Touch-ID on your device, there will be a pop-up asking whether or not to enable it for future sign-ins on this app – this is up to you. You will be directed to your homepage on your new account once you make your decision.

All credits for Laifeng tutorials go to: @artistyixing