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For EXO’rDIUM [dot] Encore concerts Day 1 and 2 in Seoul, EXOGlobal and EXO-L UAE in collaboration with Intl. EXO-L and several notable International fan bases created a project called “WithLoveIEXOLs".


The idea of this project was to show the love and appreciation of international EXO-Ls, by sending a food truck to Korean and other EXO-Ls who attended the concerts on May 27-28, 2017.

For Day 1 we prepared 400 combos of hotdogs & Coke.

For Day 2 we prepared 200 sets of Cookies & Cream Bottle Cakes & Cold Brew Coffee.


With the help of EXO-Ls around the world who donated money, we were able to gather USD3600+!

The project was very successfully done with a lot of Korean EXO-Ls showing tweets of appreciation towards International EXO-Ls.

Credit to @aeriverse for translating Korean EXO-L tweets.