Family, that’s what I call it…

Being invited to a group isn’t something special for me, at this point. As a Kpop fan for almost four years, you can have hundreds of group chats in multiple SNS platforms. But I never knew that being invited into this specific group chat would lead to huge changes in me as a Kpop fan… as an EXOL, especially.

As I remember, I was invited into this group in the early months of this year, being the last person who joined (maknae here 🙋😁 ). Same as other group chats, we were mostly talking about how handsome EXO are, how we love them, how we fight over members, and of course, how we are going to protect and support them.

And one day, an idea was being discussed: “Should we make a Twitter ad for EXO 5th Anniversary?” This blabbering talk transformed our group chat into an admin group chat. The idea became a reality through the efforts of everyone. With the help of EXOGLOBAL, as well as other EXO fanbases, and of course EXOLs around the world, we made our first project a success - under International EXO-L (I-EXOL) name. I was crying (I bet all of you guys also 😭😭😭😭 ), it was like my existence as an EXO-L was becoming more real. The happiness that I felt was more than when I succeed making my first melon ID or even buying an album (😁😁😁 ). Other projects were created after that. “We Cherish You Yixing” and Food Truck for EXorDIUM[dot] also became successful projects. Thank you again to all people who participated and worked hard for those projects (👏👏👏👏 ).

After being included in the previously-mentioned projects and being an admin, I discovered that there are still many I-EXOLs who don’t know ab Korean and Chinese music shows and award events even though we’re a part of the fandom for EXO – a Korean-Chinese group (😁 ). Knowing this problem, I tried to talk with other admins about creating something to assist I-EXOLs but got rejected in the beginning 😂😂😂  (I know that you’re probably smiling when you read this😁 ). But when an EXO-L who could build websites and a Chinese EXO-L showed up (I’m really really thankful for you guys😭😭😭 ), the project started again. With their help and the hard work of other volunteers, an International Website for I-EXOLs was built 🎉🎉🎉.

I hope this website is useful for us as I-EXOL to help and support EXO. I know this website still lacking many things so we would like you to give us suggestions or criticisms. One last thing: please keep supporting and loving EXO with all of your heart! Because of EXO, I found my other family, I called it EXO-L.

With love,