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1. Download the official app.



2. Open the app then click on the upper right side of the app (three stripes).

3. This will send you to the other tab in which you click Login.

4. Then click Join membership on the bottom of the page.


6. Fill out your information.  When you fill your email address, don’t forget to click right beside“Check ID” to check if your ID is good and available for use. If you get a green tick mark, you can proceed. Your password should contain a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 


7. After you have filled out your information, scroll towards the bottom of this page and click "Agree" on all of the agreement tabs. 

Click subscribe.

9. To be able to write on the app and post you need to verify your email. When you try to write a post on the app, this page will appear asking you to click “Authenticate”. 

You will get a verification message on the email you used to register. Click on the link on the verification email (this confirms your email).

You can now use the app to write, post or reply.


5. This page indicates that you are about to join the EXO fandom. Click OK.

8. A welcome page will appear indicating that you are now a member of the official EXO fandom. 

Click OK.

10. Congratulations, you are now our 4M and something STAR! Welcome to the family!