Fandom name: exo-l

“EXO-L” - the L which appears in the middle of  K & M in the alphabet linking the two units together to form a more powerful unit. Symbolizing that EXO-Ls strengthen EXO.

EXO – L also stands alone as EXO - LOVE.

EXO's fandom name was announced by S.M. Entertainment on August 4, 2014, also marking the launch of the official EXO-L app. The fandom name was released by EXO themselves through a video on the SMTown YouTube page.

EXO-K + EXO-L + EXO-M = We Are One


To make EXO-Ls feel even more special,  Baekhyun, Suho &  Xiumin gave us cute pet names which were inspired by our fandom name.

Aeri / Eri :

Baekhyun refers to EXO-Ls as Aeri / Eri — a term of endearment derived from  “L-Y” (the L from the fandom name) and when you pronounce it in Korean it sounds like Eri.

“Aeri” also means my guardian, blessing, and reason to love.

One of the other reasons Baekhyun gave us this lovely name is because he saw how EXO-L call EXO in friend-like ways such as Sehun-ie, Suho-ie, Chen-ie, so EXO-L to him sounded too formal — he wanted to address EXO-L in a more intimate, close, and friendly way and he created “Aeri/Eri” name.  


Suho also gave us his own version of a cute name.
Our leader calls us as El-gi which is a combination of Exo-L + Aegi (baby) = El-gi.


It’s the nickname given by Xiumin for EXO-Ls.

This nickname came from the combination of words EXO-L + Yeobo (honey).

“Yeobo” is used in Korea as nickname between partners, as a term of endearment or showing deep affection. This illustrated how Xiumin was trying to refer to us as his “wife” and as people whom he loves and cherish the most. Honey is used also as the way of calling a person who you think it’s really sweet and cute person.